Total Scientific have a well-equipped laboratory which enables us to perform a wide range of biochemistry, immunology and cell biology-related scientific research

We have the state of the art triple-quadrupole instrument (Waters Xevo TQ-XS) to perform highly quantitative analysis offered in our LC-MS/MS service.

Our laboratory also contains biohazard containment level 2 tissue culture facilities allowing us to perform cell-based assays on both cell lines and primary cells (human and other species).

In addition, we have access to many additional facilities, including the Biacore T200, provided to companies on the Babraham Research Campus by Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) and have a network of reliable external suppliers who provide us access to even more specialised techniques. This approach ensures we can provide expertise in a wide range of techniques while keeping our capital outlay, and hence our prices, as low as possible.

Examples of the types of experiments we can perform are:

Biohazard containment level 2 biological sample analysis
Quantitative immunoassays, including multiplex (Luminex) assays
Cytokine / chemokine analysis, including multiplex analysis using Luminex
LC-MS/MS using Waters Xevo TQ-XS
Immunogenicity studies
Metabolite profiling (metabolomics)
Protein / peptide & antibody analysis (proteomics)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis using the Biacore T200
Coagulation assays
Cell-based assays
Enzyme activity assays
Fluorescence polarisation assays
GxP (GLP and GCLP) 

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