Quantitative immunoassays

//Quantitative immunoassays

Quantitative immunoassays

At Total Scientific, we have the expertise in the development, optimisation, validation, and execution of a wide range of immunoassay formats.

Quantitative immunoassays can be used to measure the amount of a protein within a biologic matrix such as plasma or serum, or other sample of interest.

These assays can be difficult to develop and validate. Their unique challenges include establishing method selectivity, specificity and range of quantitation as a result of nonspecific background signal, matrix interference, lack of linearity and antibody interference. Selection of the appropriate assay format, and purity/quality of reagents are also critical for robust and reliable data.

Our experiences in quantitative immunoassays include developing analytical methods, method transfer, optimisation and validation of existing methods (including kit assays) suitable for use in preclinical and clinical development.