Whether it’s a newly discovered biomarker, or a traditional molecular surrogate well established for use in clinical trials, we can measure it reliably and precisely for you. Samples collected during clinical trials are often in short supply, costly to replace and therefore very precious. We value your samples as highly as you do yourself, and report the highest quality data from your study within the agreed timescales.


Choosing the right assay for your bioanalysis needs is best done before your clinical protocol is finalised. Many assays need samples collected in particular ways, or specify storage instructions.

If you are planning a clinical study with a bioanalysis component, contact us now to discuss all the different ways we can help ensure your study is a success

Please see our clinical studies information for details of the types of studies we can carry out for you.


In particular, we are experienced at running protein-based quantitative immunoassays, both commercially-available and assays that we have developed in house.

More and more multiplex analysis is being carried out (for example using the Luminex technology platform), with the possibility of dozens of analytes being measured in less than 50 µl of sample (such as a combination of cytokines and chemokines measured in body fluids, tissue/cell lysate, or culture supernatant samples).

We also offer a LC-MS/MS service to perform highly quantitative bioanalysis in a variety of sample matrices. The resulting data can be used for pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic or toxicology applications.


Such analyses require careful data management – bioanalysis that takes just one week can generate tens of thousands of data points. For this sort of data management, you need to work with someone who is used to both running the bioanalysis and dealing with the quantity of data generated. Furthermore, the analysis of such datasets is not trivial, but is something with which we have substantial experience. See our section on Data management and biostatistics for more information.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion about how our experience in Bioanalysis may be able to assist your studies.

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